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Side Obstacle Detection System

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How to Prevent Accidents with Cyclists and Pedestrians

Blind spots on the nearside of large vehicles can be a problem for the driver awareness of cyclists and pedestrians, especially when the vehicle is turning left.

Cyclists often ride alongside a long vehicle unaware that the vehicle is turning left and pedestrians often stand too close to the curb edge.

To avoid such accidents, AASDS cyclist/pedestrian detection system is an ultrasonic senor is uniquely designed to warn the cyclist/pedestrian of a vehicle making a left turn and to alert the driver.

Part of our FORS accredited Direct Vision Standard Systems

AASDS side detection systems form a part of our DVS Kits which will help you achieve a Direct Vision Standard. STAR RATING or HGV Safety Permit required on all HGVs more than 12 tonnes (GVW) that enter the Greater London Area.

How Does It Work?

The Side Obstacle Blind Spot Detection Sensors will also automatically announce that the vehicle is about to make a left-hand turn. If a cyclist or pedestrian is detected within 800m of the nearside of the vehicle it will alert the driver visually using a traffic light system then switch to an audible tone as the distance between the cyclist and the nearside of the vehicle decreases to 400m.

All distances are approximate and should be tested after installation.

An optional external synthesized speaker siren can be added to the system to warn pedestrians and cyclists of the vehicle when turning left at a set of traffic lights.

  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Reduce downtime of operators
  • Driver awareness is increased through detection and helps improve their ability to judge distances from vehicle to objects
  • Additional focus is placed on the area of the vehicle being a potential hazard
  • Helps in reducing the blind spot area by offering a detection system with internal and external warnings
  • Secure a Direct Vision Standard STAR RATING or HGV Safety Permit
Improve your Direct Vision Standard Compliancy

DVS & FORS accredited side obstacle detection systems